Graphical Abstract

October 2011

Volume : 1 Issue : 8

In this Issue: Research Article: 41, Review Article: 8

30 Oct, 2011   Review Article

New Trends in the Co-crystallization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Veerendra K. Nanjwade, F. V. Manvi, Shamrez Ali. M, Basavaraj K. Nanjwade, Meenaxi M. Maste

Pages: 01-05

30 Oct, 2011   Review Article

Review on Ethanomedicinal and Pharmacological Properties of Ficus religiosa

Amandeep Kaur, A. C. Rana, Vineeta Tiwari, Ramica Sharma, Sunil Kumar

Pages: 06-11

30 Oct, 2011   Review Article

Non invasive insulins: advanced insulin therapy over this decade

T. S. Rajeswari

Pages: 12-20

30 Oct, 2011   Review Article

Trafficking of plant GAPDH in mammalian and bacterial systems

Sachindra Singh Yadav and Sachendra Kumar Gupta

Pages: 21-25

30 Oct, 2011   Review Article

The study on Morphological, Phytochemical and Pharmacological aspects of Rhinacanthus nasutus. (L) Kurz (A Review)

Suman Bukke, Raghu PS, Sailaja G, Thyaga Raju Kedam

Pages: 26-32

30 Oct, 2011   Review Article

Growth promoting use of antimicrobial agents in animals

C. M. Modi, S.K. Mody, H.B. Patel, G.B. Dudhatra, Avinash Kumar, Sheikh T. J

Pages: 33-36

30 Oct, 2011   Review Article

Novel Mucoadhesive Polymers - A Review

Mythri .G, K. Kavitha, M. Rupesh Kumar, Sd. Jagadeesh Singh

Pages: 37-42

30 Oct, 2011   Review Article

Bilayer tablet technology: An overview

Divya .A, K. Kavitha, M. Rupesh Kumar, Dakshayani S, Jagadeesh Singh SD

Pages: 43-47

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Evaluation of antifungal activity of some oils from Algerian medicinal plants against Aspergillus flavus strain produced aflatoxins

A. Amrouche, H. Benmehdi, A. Moussaoui, K. Mebarki, A Chaoufi, A. Saneba, A. Lazouni .H2, D. Chabane Sari

Pages: 48-53

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Micropropagation and shoot regeneration of Cistus creticus ssp. Creticus

Panagiotis Madesis, Elpiniki Konstantinidou, Athanasios Tsaftaris, Irini Nianiou-Obeidat

Pages: 54-58

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Effect of aqueous extract of Terminalia catappa leaves on the glycaemia of rabbits

NGUESSAN Koffi, FOFIE NGuessan Bra Yvette, ZIRIHI Guede Noel

Pages: 59-64

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Synthesis, characterization and anti-trypanosomal activity of R-(-)carvone and arylketones-thiosemi carbazones and toxicity against Artemia salina Leach

Bienvenu Glinma, Salome D. S. Kpoviessi, Raymond H. Fatondji, Fernand A. Gbaguidi, Coco N. Kapanda, Joanne Bero, Didier M. Lambert, Veronique Hannaert, Joëlle Quetin-Leclercq, Mansourou Moudachirou, Jacques Poupaert, Georges C. Accrombessi

Pages: 65-70

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

The enlargements of liver size induced by orotic acid and di (2-ethyl hexyl) phthalate occur in different metabolic pathways

Yohanes Buang

Pages: 71-75

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Chemical constituents of Argyreia speciosa Fam. Convolvulaceae and its role against hyperglycemia

Ali S. A, Hamed M.A, El- Rigal N.S, Shabana M.H, Kassem M.E.S.

Pages: 76-84

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Enhancement of camptothecin production in Camptotheca acuminata hairy roots by overexpressing ORCA3 gene

Xiaoning Ni, Shiqiu Wen, Wei Wang, Xiaoyun Wang, Hui Xu, Guoyin Kai

Pages: 85-88

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Biochemical liver function with aqueous fruit extract of Solanum macrocarpum linn in albino rats acutely administered triton-x to induce hyperlipidaemia

O. A. Sodipo, F.I. Abdulrahman, U.K. Sandabe, J.A. Akinniyi

Pages: 89-93

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Ethnomedicinal plants used to cure diarrhoea and dysentery in Pachalur hills of Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu, Southern India

S Shanmugam, M Annadurai, K Rajendran

Pages: 94-97

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Synergistic effect of menthol on in-vitro antibacterial activity of Garcinia kola against Gram positive Bacteria: A preliminary study

Olumide Adedokun Odeyemi, Solakunmi O. Oluwajoba

Pages: 98-100

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

A comparative study of physical parameters of selected ketorolac tromethamine tablets available in the pharma market of Bangladesh

Nishat Nasrin, Muhammad Asaduzzaman, Rumana Mowla, Farhana Rizwan, Ashiqul Alam

Pages: 101-103

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Acid and Alkaline Hydrolysis Studies of Stevioside and Rebaudioside A

Venkata Sai Prakash Chaturvedula, Indra Prakash

Pages: 104-108

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Anti-asthmatic and Anti-allergic effects of Thymoquinone on Airway-Induced Hypersensitivity in Experimental Animals

Amira E. Abd El Aziz, Nesrine S. El Sayed, Laila G. Mahran

Pages: 109-117

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Use of anhydrous calcium phosphate and selected binders in the tablet formulation of a deliquescent crude plant extract: Vernonia galamensis (Asteraceae)

M. Autamashih, A. B. Isah, T. S. Allagh, M. A. Ibrahim

Pages: 118-122

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Evaluation of Kollidon SR based Ketorolac Tromethamine Loaded Transdermal Film

Rita Bhatta, Mohammad Salim Hossain

Pages: 123-127

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

In vitro evaluation of aqueous seed extract of Psoralea corylifolia L. on seed germination and seedling vigour of maize

Kiran. B, Lalitha.V, Raveesha.K.A

Pages: 128-130

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Development of Sustain Release Matrix Tablet of Ranolazine Based on Methocel K4M CR: In Vitro Drug Release and Kinetic Approach

Md. Asaduzzaman, Md. Rezowanur Rahman, Md. Saifur Rahman Khan, S.M. Ashraful Islam

Pages: 131-136

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Antimicrobial, antioxidant and cytotoxic effects of methanolic extracts of leaves and stems of Glycosmis pentaphylla (Retz.)

Md. Amran Howlader, Farhana Rizwan, Shapna Sultana, Mohammad Rakibur Rahman, K. M. Shams-Ud-Doha, Rumana Mowla, Apurba Sarker Apu

Pages: 137-140

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Molecular Docking and Simulation studies of Farnesyl Trasnferase with the potential inhibitor Theflavin

R. Balajee, M. S. Dhana Rajan

Pages: 141-148

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Comparative analysis of antimicrobial activity of leaf extracts from fresh green tea, commercial green tea and black tea on pathogens

S. Archana, Jayanthi Abraham

Pages: 149-152

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Phytochemical Evaluation and Antioxidant activity of Piper cubeba and Piper nigrum

Gayatri Nahak, R.K. Sahu

Pages: 153-157

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Analgesic activity of ethanolic extract of roots of Prosopis cineraria (l.) Druce

Arvind Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Yadav, Satyawan Singh, S.N. Pandeya

Pages: 158-160

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Antifungal activity of bioactive compound of seeds of Psoralea corylifolia L. against seed borne Fusarium species of maize

Kiran. B, Lalitha.V, Raveesha.K.A

Pages: 161-164

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Development and in vitro characterization of metronidazole loaded chitosan microspheres for delivery to periodontal pocket

Preeti K. Suresh, Mahendra Kumar Dewangan

Pages: 165-169

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Preparation and In-vitro characterization of ethylcellulose coated pectin alginate microspheres of 5-fluorouracil for colon targeting

Ramana G, Krishna Chaitanya A

Pages: 170-176

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

RP HPLC Method for the determination of Tamsulosin in bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulations

Manish Kumar Thimmaraju, Venkat Rao, Hemanth .K, P. Siddartha Kumar

Pages: 177-180

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Formulation and Evaluation of Lisinopril Dihydrate Transdermal Proniosomal Gels

Shamsheer Ahmad S, Sabareesh M, Patan Rafi Khan, Sai krishna P, Sudheer B.

Pages: 181-185

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

The In-vitro Assessment of Antihelmentic profile of Ethanolic Extract of Atrocarpus hetrophyllus leaf (Moracae)

Goutam Kumar Jana, Rashmi Solanki, Atul Tripathy, Deependra Soni, Anshita Gupta.

Pages: 186-187

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Antiinflammatory activity of fractionated extracts of Achyranthes aspera Linn leaves

Amrutia Jay N, Jagir patel, Moses Rajan Semuel, Shabaraya A. R.

Pages: 188-190

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Evaluation of In-vitro antibacterial and anticandidal activity of Sapium sebiferum L.

Pankaj Kumar, R.P.Bhatt, Lokendra Singh

Pages: 191-193

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

In-Vitro Antioxidant potentials in leaves of Coleus aromaticus Benth and rhizomes of Zingiber zerumbet (L.) SM.

Om Prakash Rout, Rabinarayan Acharya, Sagar Kumar Mishra

Pages: 194-198

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Chitosan/guargum-g-acrylamide semi IPN microspheres for controlled release studies of 5-Fluorouracil

E. Chandra Sekhar, K.S.V. Krishna Rao, R. Ramesh Raju

Pages: 199-204

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Clinical effectiveness and safety of brimonidine (0.2%) versus Dorzolamide (2.0%) in primary open angle

Sharma Neetu, Gupta Anita, Singh Gursatinder

Pages: 205-209

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Studies on extended beta lactamase producing, biofilm forming clinical bacterial pathogens and its invitro inhibition by Actinobacterial extracts

Hemachandran. K., S. Bharathi, M. Radhakrishnan, R. Balagurunathan

Pages: 210-213

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Preliminary antibacterial evaluation of fronds of Pteris quadriaurita Retz. towards bacteria involved in dermatological diseases

Toji Thomas

Pages: 214-216

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Formulation and optimization of solid dispersion of Clopidogrel with PEG 6000

Shailendra Kumar Singh, Soukarya Som, Upender Shankhwar

Pages: 217-226

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Beneficial health effects of rutin supplementation in patients with diabetes mellitus

K. Sattanathan, C. K. Dhanapal, R. Umarani, R. Manavalan

Pages: 227-231

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Ameliorative effect of Docosahexaenoic acid and gamma-linolenic acid on blood glucose level in lead treated Swiss albino mice during gestation and lactation

Sachdev Yadav, Veena Sharma, Sunanda Singh

Pages: 232-234

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Over prescribing and resistance to chloroquine

Gandhi AM, Patel PP, Desai CK, Desai MK, Dikshit RK

Pages: 235-238

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Method Development and Validation Indicating Assay for Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride

Sani A. Ali, Chijioke C. Mmuo, Rafat O. Abdulraheem, Sikirat S. Abdulkareem, Emmanuel T. Alemika, Musa A. Sani, Mohammed Ilyas

Pages: 239-243

30 Oct, 2011   Research Article

Structure determination of betulinic acid from the leaves of Lophira lanceolata Van Tiegh. Ex Keay (Ochnaceae)

Sani Audu Ali, Rafat Ojuolape Abdulraheem, Sikirat Sani Abdulkareem, Emmanuel Taiwo Alemika, Mohammed Ilyas

Pages: 244-245