Novel in-situ emulgel of acetazolamide for ocular drug delivery

Fulchan Ali Sk Habibullah Biswaranjan Mohanty Amulyaratna Behera Yashwant Giri Bhabani Shankar Nayak   

Open Access   

Published:  Nov 30, 2022

DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2023.53382

In this investigation, a novel in-situ emulgel of acetazolamide was developed and evaluated. The gel was prepared using corn oil, pectin, and GellanGum at different concentrations of 10%–50% (w/w) and added to the homogenizer tube followed by the addition of the emulsifier (Tween 80 and span 80 in the ratio of 1:1) at 0.2% (w/w). The pH of all five formulations was between 5.58 and 5.75. The Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) spectrum of all the formulations showed broadband in between the wavenumber range of 3,700 cm−1 and 2,980 cm−1. The FTIR spectrum of all the formulations showed broadband in between the wavenumber range of 3,700 cm−1 and 2,980 cm−1. The drug content in the samples was determined by a spectrophotometer at 267 nm The drug release mechanism may be Fickian transport (0.45 ≤ n), anomalous (non-Fickian) transport (0.45 ≤ n < 0.89), and/or super case-II transport (n > 0.89). The n values of all formulations were greater than 0.45. The in-vivo corneal tolerance experimentation of the prepared formulation eyes was assessed for 72 hours and found to be biocompatible based on visual inspection.

Keyword:     Ocular drug delivery gellan gum corn oil acetazolamide intraocular pressure in-situ emulgel


Ali F, Habibullah SK, Mohanty B, Behera A, Giri Y, Nayak BS. Novel in-situ emulgel of acetazolamide for ocular drug delivery. J Appl Pharm Sci, 2022.

Copyright: © The Author(s). This is an open-access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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