Research Article | Volume: 4, Issue: 4, April, 2014

The stress of phenylalanine on rats to study the phenylketonuria at biochemical and molecular level

Mohga Shafik Hayat Ibrahime Ibrahim Abo elyazeid Osama Abass Heba M Saad   

Open Access   

Published:  Apr 28, 2014

DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2014.40405

The present study was aimed to study the stress of phenylalanine on rats to study the effect of Phenylketonuria at molecular and biochemical level. In our study, the rats’ weight ranged from 132 to 190 gm. They were housed 25 day and the diet was prepared 5% phenylalanine and the weight is recorded every week. The rats divided into 2 groups, control group and phenylalanine group. After feeding with 5% phenylalanine diet, we take blood samples to measure biochemical markers as (ALT, AST, creatinine, Lipid profile and S100B) and tissues for PCR. Our biochemical results showed significant increase in S100B in phenylalanine group and reduction in total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglyceride in phenylalanine group. The molecular study which based on comparing the DNA obtained by RAPD-PCR showed a specific DNA bands which may be responsible for Phenylketonuria and may be used for identification of disease at earlier time of injury. The excess of phenylalanine in diet lead to neural tissue damage and may cause mutation combined with the induced PKU (Phenylketonuria).

Keyword:     Phenylketonuria phenylalanine RAPD PCR


Mohga Shafik, Hayat Ibrahime, Ibrahim Abo elyazeid, Osama Abass, Heba M Saad., The stress of phenylalanine on rats to study the phenylketonuria at biochemical and molecular level. J App Pharm Sci, 2014; 4 (04): 024-029.

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