Review Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 5, July 2011

Multiparticulate approach: an emerging trend in colon specific drug delivery for Chronotherapy

Parul B. Patel Avinash S. Dhake   

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Colonic targeting has gained increasing interest over the past years. A considerable number of patents and publications dealing with the colon specific drug delivery system indicate a growing focus of research activities in this field, not just for the delivery of the drugs for the treatment of the local pathologies associated with the colon but also for its potential for the systemic delivery of the protein and peptides. Currently because of the inherent potential to delay or avoid systemic drug absorption from the small intestine, colonic formulations can be utilized for chronotherapy of the diseases which are affected by the circadian biorhythms (e.g., asthma, hypertension and arthritis). Diverse approaches, like osmotic, capsular, single and multiparticulate systems can be used for colonic delivery. Multiparticulate systems enabled the drug to reach the colon quickly and retained in the colon for a relatively prolonged period of time. Because of their smaller particle size as compared to single unit dosage forms these systems are capable of passing through gastrointestinal tract (g.i.t.) easily. The current article focuses on the multiparticulate formulation approach for colon specific delivery of medicament.

Keyword:     Circadian biorhythm hypertension asthma arthritis crystalline composition IPDAS PRODAS SPDS.

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