Review Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 4, June 2011

Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Profile of Valsartan: A Review

Nadeem Siddiqui Asif Husain Lakshita Chaudhry M Shamsher Alam Moloy Mitra Parminder S. Bhasin   

Open Access   


Angiotensin II Receptor type 1 antagonists have been widely used in treatment of diseases like hypertension, heart failure, myocardial infarction and diabetic nephropathy. Their beneficial effects are related to inhibition of Angiotensin II by blockade of AT1 receptor. Valsartan is an orally active Angiotensin II receptor type 1 antagonist which causes reduction in blood pressure and is used in treatment of hypertension. It was first developed by Novartis and has a wide market in the developed and the developing countries. It is also available in combination with other antihypertensive drugs. It is a lipophilic drug and possesses moderate onset of action than other drugs of the same category. The drug is a very good target for the generic industries. This review evaluates the pharmacological properties of Valsartan and its efficacy and tolerability in the treatment of patients with hypertension. A brief discussion has also been made on the current and future aspects of the drug in the market.

Keyword:     Valsartan hypertension diabetes mellitus spectrophotometry ACE inhibitors.

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