Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 1, March 2011

Elucidation of Analgesic and Antipyretic activities of Ficus bengalensis linn. Leaves in rats

Sachdev Yadav Mayank Kulshreshtha Mradul Goswami Chandana V. Rao Veena Sharma   

Open Access   


The aim of this study was to buy carisoprodol , antipyretic properties of the various (chloroform, ethanol and water) extracts from leaf of Ficus bengalensis (Moraceae) in rats. Dose of the different extracts 200mg/kg, i.p. were significantly reduced (p<0.05). The analgesic activity of leaf of Ficus bengalensis was studied using hot-plate method and tail-immersion method in rats. The antipyretic activity of leaf of Ficus bengalensis was studied in Brewer’s yeast-induced pyrexia in rats. Ethanolic extract of leaf of Ficus bengalensis showed more significant activity, while, chloroform extract and water extract does not showed significant (p<0.05) analgesic activity as compared to standard drug using hot-plate method and by tail-immersion method. Extracts obtained were also subjected to order carisoprodol and evaluate antipyretic activity by yeast induced fevered rats. Aspirin (100mg/kg) was taken as standard drug. Water and chloroform extract showed significant decrease in elevated body temperature, while ethanol extract did not showed a significant (p<0.05) decrease in elevated body temperature as compared to standard drug.

Keyword:     Ficus bengalensis analgesic pyrexia aspirin.

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