Research Article | Volume: 2 Issue: 9, September, 2012

Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the extracts of different parts of Excoecaria agallocha L.

M. Babuselvam S. Ravikumar K.A Mohamed Farook S. Abideen M. Peer Mohamed and M. Uthiraselvam   

Open Access    DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2012.2921


Scientific evaluated that, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of ethanol with water in the ratio of 3:1 extracts were obtained from different parts viz., leaves, seeds and latex of Excoecaria agallocha. The latex was sequentially soxhlated with petroleum ether and methanol dried latex in anti-inflammatory processes and analgesic activity in two concentrations (250 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg). Preliminary phytochemical analysis showed that, presence of alkaloids, flavanoids, saponins were found maximum in the seed extract. Acute inflammatory studies showed that, latex, leaves and seed extracts of both concentration of chosen plant produced significant inhibition of carrageenin induced rat paw edema at 3rd hour (p<0.005) as compared to the control causing 63.15%, 62.15% and 69.69% respectively. In addition that, the seed extract at the concentration of 500 mg/kg showed maximum inhibition at 57.03% as compared to control in cotton pellet induced granuloma test. The analgesic activity of seed extract at the dose of 500 mg/kg. caused significant inhibitions in the acetic acid induced writhing. Moreover, the tail immersion model, seed extract at the concentration of 500 mg/kg. possess an maximum activity (80.29%) as compared to control.

Keyword:     Paw edema anti-inflammatory analgesic activity Excoecaria agallochacarrageenan aspirin.


M. Babuselvam, S. Ravikumar, K.A Mohamed Farook, S. Abideen, M. Peer Mohamed and M. Uthiraselvam. Evaluation of antiinflammatory and analgesic effects on the extracts of different parts of Excoecaria agallocha L. J App Pharm Sci. 2012; 2(9): 108-112.

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