Review Article | Volume: 2 Issue: 7, July 2012

The Effect of Curcumin and Tocotrienol on the Development of Eye Disease

Mohanad Rahman Alwan Sami Abdo Radman Al-Dubai Redhwan Ahmed Mohammed Al-Naggar Mohammed Faez Baobaid Mustafa Fadil Mohammed Mahfoudh Abdulghani   

Open Access    DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2012.2701


There is growing evidence that inflammation may be one of the causative factors of many chronic diseases especially which is related to eyes such as cataract, age-related macular degeneration and uveitis. Several cytokines such as IL-1,IL-6, RANKL, OPG, and M-CSF were implicated in the pathogenesis of chronic diseases. Anti-cytokine therapy using cytokine antagonists such as IL-receptor antagonist and TNF-binding protein was able to suppress the activity of the respective cytokines and prevent bone loss. Few animal studies have shown that vitamin E in the forms of palm-derived tocotrienol and α-tocopherol may prevent chronic eye disease in rat models by suppressing IL-1 and IL-6. Free radicals are known to activate transcription factor NFκB which leads to the production of bone re-sorbing cytokines. Tocotrienol, a potent antioxidant, may be able to neutralize free radicals before they could activate NFκB, therefore suppressing cytokine production and inflammatory reaction. Curcumin is widely reported to have potent anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic effects. The anti-inflammatory action of curcumin seems to be closely related to inhibition of TNF-α and other inflammatory cytokines production and suppression of NF-κB activation by blocking phosphorylation of inhibitory factor I-kappa B kinase (IκB) Tocotrienol and curcumin have also been shown to inhibit COX-2, the enzyme involved in inflammatory reactions of the these studied, tocotrienol seemed to be better than tocopherols in terms of it sability to suppress inflammation induced by cytokines.

Keyword:     CurcuminTocotrienolEye DiseaseInflammation.

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