Research Article | Volume : 2 Issue : 3, March 2012

Comparative studies on the effect of Prozac drug and Barely grains on the skeletal muscles of mice: behavioral and histological studies

Awatef M. Ali Fatma A. Hakami   

Open Access    DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2012.2308


The purpose of this study was comparing between the biotoxic action of Prozac and Barley grains on skeletal muscle of depressed mice model . Forty adult male mice (Mus musculus)(25 ± 5 g.) assigned into four groups : –ve control with normal social environment, + ve control (socially isolated),Prozac-group (socially isolated) injected with (0.06 mg Prozac / mouse / day ) and Barely -group (socially isolation)supplemented with Barley grains instead the usual food(5g. Barley/mouse/day) for 30 days.Forced swimming and tail suspension tests are used to assay mice mood levels .Biopsies of gastronemius muscle were fixed in Aoyama`s fluid and 10% buffered formalin solution for light microscopy processing stained with Heamatoxylin and Eosin,Masson´s Trichrome.Barley- group did not show any abnormal behavior but Prozac-group became less active and their responsiveness to external stimuli was decreased . Barely-group reduced immobility in compare to Prozac group. Prozac – group showed increase in body weight but the Barely-group showed decrease. It was assessed tissue protected situation in the presence of Barely supplementation .In the other hand, Prozac- group showed myofibers with variation in size, sarcolemma giving step-like offsets ,increased collagen deposition, some regions of affected muscle fibers devoid of Golgi bodies.Our results showed that Barely reduce risk factors.

Keyword:     Prozac drugBarley grainsBehaviorHistologyMice.

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