Review Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 3, May 2011

Iontophoretic drug delivery: History and applications

Azad Khan Mohd Yasir Mohd Asif Iti Chauhan Alok P. Singh Rajat Sharma Pradeep Singh Shubham Rai   

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The goal of delivery system is to get optimal therapeutic management. But, it still remains a challenge in the field of pharmaceuticals for delivery of ionic species and some non ionic. Several transdermal approaches have been used and recently there has been a great attention in using iontophoretic technique for the transdermal drug delivery of medications, both ionic and non ionic. This technique of facilitated movement of ions across a membrane under the influence of an externally applied electric potential difference is one of the most promising physical skin penetrations enhancing method. The payback of using iontophoretic technique includes improved systemic bioavailability ensuing from bypassing the first metabolism. Variables due to oral administration, such as pH, the presence of food or enzymes and transit times can all be eliminated. This article is an overview of the history of iontophoresis, mechanism, principles and factors influencing iontophoresis and its application for various dermatological conditions.

Keyword:     Iontophoresis Penetration skin Topical drug delivery Transdermal drug delivery etc.

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