Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 7, September 2011

Effect of Conyza aegyptiaca on the frog semi isolated heart

Kafui Kpegba Amegnona Agbonon Etchri Amouzou and Messanvi Gbeassor   

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AbstractConyza aegyptiaca (L.) Asteraceae is currently used in traditional medicine for many purposes including cardiovascular diseases. For this purpose, the present study was understood to investigate crude extract and different fractions of the plants on the frog heart activity and furthermore its antioxidant was investigated. Results indicated that the crude extract and fractions reduce all heart activity both amplitude and frequency. In contrast, crude extract and fractions do not have antioxidant properties. This investigation reveals that utilization of ethanolic extract of Conyza aegyptiaca to alleviate cardiovascular diseases may be passed through direct effect on the heart. This result confirms the use of this plant in traditional medicine.

Keyword:     Conyza aegyptiaca Crude extract Fractions Cardiovascular disorders

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