Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 6, August 2011

Hepatoprotective potential of Andrographis paniculata aqueous leaf extract on ethanol induced liver toxicity in albino rats

A. Sivaraj P. Vinothkumar K. Sathiyaraj S. Sundaresan K. Devi B. Senthilkumar   

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To investigate the protective effect of the leaf extract of Andrographis paniculata (Ap) against ethanol induced liver toxicity in male albino rats. The liver toxicity was induced by the administration of ethanol to the animals at the optimum dosage of 7.9g/kg body wt., orally for 45 days. After induction of liver toxicity the aqueous plant extract of A.p was administered to the animal 250 mg/kg body wt., for 45 days. The liver toxicity and protective effect of the plant extract was assessed by the estimation of liver marker enzymes, antioxidant enzymes and liver histopathological studies. The ethanol induced animals the liver marker enzymes like ALT, AST, ALP and Bilirubin were significantly elevated (P<0.001) when compared to the normal animals. After administration of aqueous extract of A.p the elevated levels of marker enzymes were significantly decreased (P<0.001). The antioxidant enzymes were decreased significantly in ethanol induced animals after administration of plant extract the decreased levels were increased significantly (P<0.001). The aqueous leaf extract of A.paniculata could protect the liver against ethanol induced liver toxicity by possibly reducing the rate of lipid peroxidation and increasing the antioxidant defense mechanism in rats.

Keyword:     Liver marker enzymes Andrographis paniculata Antioxidant lipid per oxidation.

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