Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 1, March 2011

Evaluation of Shampoos Containing Silicone Quaternary Microemulsion

Prapaporn Boonme Natthida Pakpayat Kanokwan Yotmanee Sarinnart Kunlawijitrungsee Duangkhae Manee   

Open Access   


This study aimed to characterize properties and to evaluate conditioning performance providence of shampoos containing various concentrations, i.e., 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 %w/w, of silicone quaternary microemulsion. The results indicated that all samples were clear yellowish liquids with good odor. Addition of silicone quaternary microemulsion in the investigated formulation did not markedly affect the characteristics of the obtained shampoos, except viscosity. Their averaged pH values were in the range of 6.59-7.17 which were acceptable according to TIS 162-2541. All samples provided stable foam, surface tension reduction and low viscosity with Newtonian flow. Under a light microscope, the cuticle arrangement of five tresses washed by the studied shampoos seemed to be better than their counterpart tresses before washing. However, no obvious difference on the cuticle arrangement of the tresses after washing by the identical manner with different shampoos was observed. Most of 50 referees rated and scored that the tress washed with shampoo containing 1%w/w silicone quaternary microemulsion provided the highest conditioning performance, i.e., smooth and softness, via contacting. It could be concluded that silicone quaternary microemulsion was able to be incorporated with the investigated shampoo formulation as an effective hair-conditioning agent.

Keyword:     Hair Microemulsion Shampoo Silicone quaternary microemulsion

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