Research Article | Volume: 3, Issue: 10, October, 2013

Synthesis and in-vitro Anti Tumor Activity of Some Novel 2, 3-Disubstituted Quinazolin 4(3H)-one Derivatives

Hurmath Unnissa S Gayam Krishna Reddy Aravazhi T   

Open Access   

Published:  Oct 31, 2013

DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2013.31024

A series of 4-[2-(4-chlorobenzyl)-4-oxoquinazolin-3(4H)-yl)benzoyl] derivatives were synthesized. The synthesized compounds were characterized by IR, NMR and Mass spectral data and were screened for their anti cancer activity.The in vitro anticancer studies were performed on 4 selected compounds using MTT assay against HeLa cell line (NCCS).The synthesized 2, 3-disubstituted-3H-Quinazolin-4-one derivatives exhibited significant Anti oxidant and anti tumor activities.

Keyword:     Amino acids quinazolinones sulfonyl hydrazides anti oxidant and anticancer.


Hurmath Unnissa S, Gayam Krishna Reddy, Aravazhi T. Synthesis and in Vitro Anti Tumor Activity of Some Novel 2, 3-Disubstituted Quinazolin 4(3h)-one Derivatives. J App Pharm Sci, 2013; 3 (10): 136-140.

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