Review Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 4, June 2011

Microchip for Drug Delivery System : A Review

Ravindra Pal Singh Nasit sarju Anil Sharma Stuti Gupta Singh Khunt Sanket   

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Much Research has been going to find ideal system for drug delivey within body.It is great advantage to find drug delivery device that is capable of controlled or continous release of wide variety of drug.Microchip are provided, which control both the rate and the time release of molecule.This allows release of wide variety of molecule in either continous or pulsatile manner. The device consist of substrate containing multiple reservoir is capped with conductive membrane (gold) and wired with final circuitry controlled by microprocessor.Reservoir are etched into substrate using either chemical etching or ion beam etching techniques. Hundreds to thousands reservoirs can be fabricated on a single microchip using microfabrication.The molecule to be delivered are inserted into reservoir by injection. The reservoir can contain multiple drug or other molecule in variable dosages. The filled reservoirs can be capped with material that degrade or allow the molecule to diffuse out of reservoir over time or materials that oxidize and dissolve upon application of electric current.Release from an active device can be controlled by a preprogrammed microprocessor.It is used in diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, congestive heart failure, anti coagulation.

Keyword:     Microchip Microfabrication Controlled release.

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