Review Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 4, June 2011

Review : Cardio vascular complication of Diabetes Mellitus

Chintan A. PatelNimish L PathakNayana BhattBhavna MaryaMahendra Gavania Hardik Trivedi   

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Now day diabetes is very common world wild disease. Basically two type of diabetes: Type-I and Type-II. Various short term complications like diabetec ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar nonketotic coma and hypoglycemia and long term complication like diabetec neuropathy, diabetec retinopathy, diabetec nepheropathy, diabetec microangiopathy, heart disease and stroke occur due to diabetes mellitus. Cardiovascular complication mainly occurs by either increase of glucose by activation of protein kinase, rennin angeotensin system, advance glycation end-product theory i.e. AGE-RAGE or by metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance mechanism which precipitates obesity, physical inactivity and genetic susceptibility. Insulin secretion is decreases with advancing age which may be accelerate by genetic factor. Insulin resistance led to onset of Type-II diabetes mellitus and is commonly associated with other cardio vascular risk factors like dysbetalipidema, hypertension and prothombic factor. Evaluation of these major risk factors is very necessary. Predisposing risk factors are body weight and fat distribution in the body, physical activity and family history. Detection of clinical and sub clinical cardiovascular disease in diabetic patient. Evaluation of factor such as a stress testing for coronary heart disease, non-invasive evaluation of cardiac function, evaluation of autonomic dysfunction, detection of sub clinical cardio vascular disease and it treated by changing life style or by using insulin matrix.

Keyword:     Complications Mechanism Various systems play role in this mechanism Management insulate matrix.

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