Research Article | Volume : 2 Issue : 2, February 2012

Effectiveness of the medicinal plant R019 in the treatment of HIV infection: an observational study

Aurel Constant Allabi Richi Dossa Julien Gaudence Djeigo Jean-Cyr Yombi Kouma Diombo Andre Bigot Priuli Giambattista   

Open Access   


This study aims to evaluate the in vivo antiviral, immunologic, clinical effects and

safety of a supposedly anti-HIV phytotherapy, code-named R019 used for the treatment of

HIV/AIDS. This is an open observational study, which involved 32 HIV-1 infected patients,

who were followed over a 3-month period. The efficacy evaluation was based on CD4 count,

determination of viral load and clinical status. The safety evaluation was based on renal and

liver function tests, fasting lipid and glycaemia levels as well as the frequency of other adverse

events. The CD4 values increased significantly (mean±SD, 99.03±22.87 cells/μL; P<0.001), as

well as Weight and Karnofsky score (2.94±0.67 kg, p<0.001; 4.9, p=0.005 respectively). The

viral load decreased significantly (0.91±0.12 log viral load, P<0.0001). R019 did not impair

renal or liver functions. Improvement of creatinine clearance was observed (p=0.02).

Hemoglobin levels increased (0.38±0.16 gr/dL) whereas cholesterol and glucose levels

decreased under R019 treatment (p=0.031, p=0.018 respectively). Main adverse effects were

recorded: polyuria (40.5%), drowsiness (21.4%), orexis (19.1%). Immunological, anti-viral and

clinical status improved under R019 treatment and a good safety profile was observed for this

compound. Further studies would be required to optimize its efficacy and to define its

appropriateness for the treatment of HIV disease.

Keyword:     R019 HIV infection Efficacy Safety

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