Research Article | Volume : 2 Issue : 1, January 2012

Perception of weight and weight management practices among students of a tertiary institution in south west Nigeria

Olubukola. R Olaoye Olubukola. O. Oyetunde   

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The study focuses on young adults’ perception of their weight and their management of perceived weight problems. Participants (N = 200) were medical and pharmacy undergraduates in a tertiary institution. Their weights, heights, hip to waist ratio and hip circumference were measured. A questionnaire was administered to assess their weight perception and examine self management of their perceived weight problems. More than half (65.5%) of students surveyed were within normal BMI weight range, but there was a significant difference between actual weight and perception of weight. The actual prevalence of weight problems (underweight, overweight and obese) was 34.5% and drug use in weight management was also low (9%). The females were more concerned about losing extra weight than males. They used Xenical® (orlistat), Green world® (chitosan and pro-slim tea), Xenadrine® ( green tea, caffeine and capsaicin) and Lipo6® fat burner pills, which are all weight loss drugs. From the study, it can be concluded that this population has relatively healthy weight, as more respondents have normal weight than underweight, overweight and obese students. However, there was significant distortion in weight perception.

Keyword:     Overweight Obesity Weight –perception Under weight.

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