Research Article | Volume : 2 Issue : 1, January 2012

Community pharmacist's perceptions towards the quality of locally manufactured generic medicines: A descriptive study from Malaysia

Mohamed Azmi Hassali Asrul Akmal Shafie Chee Ping Chong Fahad Saleem Muhammad Atif Ginnie Chua Noman Ul Haq   

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This study aimed to explore the perceptions of Malaysian community pharmacist towards locally manufactured generic medicines. A cross-sectional descriptive study involving entire population (N = 270) of Practicing community pharmacists in the State of Penang, Malaysia was undertaken using a self-completed anonymous mail questionnaire. Responses were received from 48 pharmacists (response rate 17.8%). Majority of the respondents (97.9%) actively dispensed generic medicines in their practice. Only 37.5% of the respondents viewed locally manufactured generic medicines as equal in quality compared to the imported generics from international manufacturers. However, approximately 60% of the respondents agreed that domestic generics are equal in safety and efficacy as the imported generic medicines. About half of the respondents (47.9%) believed that imported generic products need to pass more stringent approval process. Majority of the respondents (68.8%) urged that the Malaysian regulatory authorities should convince pharmacists about the quality of domestic generic medicines. The Malaysian pharmacists have lack of confidence with the generic medicines produced by local pharmaceutical companies.

Keyword:     Generic medicinescommunity pharmacistperceptionknowledgelocal pharmaceutical companies.

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