Research Article | Volume : 2 Issue : 1, January 2012

Physicochemical transfer functions to predict zone of precipitation between calcium and phosphate in simplified parenteral nutrition

Wibul Wongpoowarak Benjamaporn Apiromrak Payom Wongpoowarak Worapa Varathanakul Wimaluk Tarangkul Prapaporn Boonme   

Open Access   


We use committee-vote via empirical transfer functions obtained from various regression models of actual physicochemical data for describing possible zone of hazardous precipitation of calcium and phosphate for particular amino acid brand name, i.e., Moripron-F® or Aminovenos-N-Paed®. The logistic regression with modified Hosmer-Lemeshow method is also presented. We use a slack variable for grouping data space near each original data point for calculating odd ratio of precipitation event and then extrapolate back to zero value of the slack variable in order to obtain the intrinsic odd ratio function that is independent from the slack variable. Committee-vote could reveal a nonlinear pattern with high accuracy and low health hazardous prediction for Moripron-F®. However, applying such algorithm with Aminovenos-NPaed® was unsuccessful due to violation of the committee-voting rule, i.e., empirical transfer function has too weak prediction power.

Keyword:     Modified Hosmer-Lemeshow logistic regression Committee-vote decision Transfer functions Multiple pathway prediction.

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