Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 10, December 2011

Awareness and understanding of pharmaceutical pictograms in non pharmacy students: A case study

Neha Mishra Shalini Khatri Ruby Gehlaut Pratushti Mittal Sachdev Yadav   

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The objective of the present study was to evaluate awareness and rational use of pictogram in non pharmacy students, further comparison of locally developed, appropriate pharmaceutical pictograms with pictograms appearing in the 1991 edition of the USP-DI (United States Pharmacopoeia Dispensing Information). Twenty pictograms from the USP-DI and corresponding set of 20 locally developed pictograms conveying a medication instruction was evaluated. Respondents were evaluated for their interpretation of all 40 pictograms. The correct meaning of each pictogram was explained at the end of the study. Preference for either the Local or USP pictograms was determined. The evaluation results revealed that 61% pictograms were understood and answered correctly by Non Pharmacy Undergraduates and 56% by Non Pharmacy postgraduates. Also it was found that out of the 140 respondents only one respondent had voted for all the 20 locally prepared pictograms and had preferred absolutely no USP pictogram. Out of total number of respondents in non pharmacy undergraduates and postgraduates, 53% and 61% respondents preferred USP pictograms over local pictograms respectively. Thus USP pictograms were preferred over local. This clearly shows that USP pictograms are better understood compared to the local pictograms among all non pharmacy students.

Keyword:     Pictograms pharmaceutical care compliance graphic images.

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