Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 10, December 2011

In Vitro Regeneration of Exacum wightianum Arn. (Gentianaceae)- An Endemic Medicinal Plant From The Nilgiris, Western Ghats

Thimmayan Baluprakash Karuppannan Arumugasamy Subramaniam Paulsamy Madathupatti Ramanathan Udhayasankar Uthaman Danya   

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xacum wightianum Arn. (Gentianaceae) is an endemic medicinal plant from the Nilgiri hills, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu. Indirect regeneration of E. wightianum was obtained through organogenesis in callus culture. Axial bud explants were found to be best suited for callus induction on MS medium supplemented with BA + NAA (2.0+0.03 mg/L). Multiple shoots originated from callus obtained from the axial buds. were multiplied by subculture on the same medium. Maximum shoot regeneration was obtained on MS medium supplemented with BA with NAA (2.0+0.5 mg/L), and up to 25shoots was observed within 2 weeks.

Keyword:     Exacum wightianum Callus culture multiple shoot regeneration BA+ NAA.

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