Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 9, November 2011

Worth of Traditional Herbal System of Medicine for Curing Ailments Prevalent Across the Mountain Region of Uttarakhand, India

Prakash Chandra Phondani   

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The present study deals with 40 medicinal plant species used to cure a variety of ailments through traditional health care system by the local healers (Vaidyas). These plants were checked and verified from the available literature which revealed that the uses of these plants were newly recorded. Depth studies of 40 new recorded medicinal plants were documented with their different parts being used in herbal medicines. It was also found that one species or some times more species were used for curing one or many diseases together. The nature and type of symptoms of diseases reported of human beings were found varying across the region. All these different kinds of diseases were grouped in to three categories i.e. serious, moderate and common based on the risk factor and seriousness of disease in consultation with doctors practicing different streams of treatment i.e. Vaidyas, Ayurvedic and Allopathic. About more than 40% of local inhabitants were consulted, so as to reveals their perceptions on ranking of 10 common ailments prioritized by the local people based on their preference for opting herbal system of treatments. The traditional herbal system of medicine is one of the most important prevailing systems in the area where modern health care centre are rare or in very poor conditions.

Keyword:     Ethnomedicinal uses Medicinal plants Ailments Traditional herbal healers Medical doctors.

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