Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 9, November 2011

Effect of Lead, Alcohol and Vitamin E on Protein carbonyl content in rats

Harishekar .M .B Kiran .B   

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Protein carbonyl content assay was conducted among eight groups of animals treated with lead, alcohol and vitamin E in individuals and in combination at two, four and eight weeks of duration. In two weeks of treatment, lead treated rats recorded 2.45 nmol/grams. In alcohol treated rats, it was recorded 2.60 nmol/gram of protein carbonyl content in liver tissue. Compared to control, it was recorded 2.01 nmol/gram. In vitamin E treated with lead and alcohol, protein carbonyl content was recorded 3.02 nmol/gram of tissue. In four weeks of duration, lead treated rats recorded 2.64 nmol/gram of tissue and in alcohol treated rats, protein carbonyl content was 2.87 nmol/gram and in lead with alcohol and vitamin E treated rats, protein carbonyl content was 3.29 nmol/gram. In eight weeks of treatment, maximum protein carbonyl content was recorded in lead with alcohol treated rats compared to control.

Keyword:     Lead Alcohol Vitamin E Protein carbonyl content liver tissue.

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