Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 9, November 2011

Study of binary and ternary solid dispersion of ibuprofen for the enhancement of oral bioavailability

Mohammad Fahim Kadir Muhammad Shahdaat Bin Sayeed Rajibul Islam Khan Tahiatul Shams Md. Saiful Islam   

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To develop a novel ibuprofen loaded solid dispersion system (SDs) with enhanced dissolution rate, binary and ternary solid dispersion were prepared by co-precipitation method using poloxamer-407 only and mixture of poloxamer-407 with a second polymer such as HPMC 6cps, HPC, Kollicoat IR, Kollidon VA 64 respectively. In case of binary SDs, poloxamer 407 was used in three concentrations: 33%, 50% and 66.67% wt/wt of total SDs. In case of ternary SDs, poloxamer 407 was used at 15%, 25% 35% wt/wt of the total SDs content while maintaining the concentration of the second polymer at fixed amount (1gm). In vitro dissolution study was conducted in phosphate buffer of pH 6.8 for 1h. Release property of ibuprofen from two different SDs was investigated. And in case of both the systems, enhanced release property was found where the release was compared with pure ibuprofen powder. Enhanced release of ibuprofen from the optimized SDs was characterized in light of cumulative percent release, % release after 5 min of dissolution and release rate of the drug from different SDs. When the amount of carriers increased with a decrease in drug content, the release of ibuprofen was elevated. And it was found that almost two fold increase in the release of ibuprofen while 66.67% poloxamer was used.

Keyword:     Solid dispersion Ibuprofen Co-precipitation poloxamer-407 Dissolution.

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