Research Article | Volume: 7, Issue: 1, January, 2017

In vivo analgesic, anti-inflammatory potential in Swiss albino mice and in vitro thrombolytic activity of hydroalcoholic fruits extract from Daemonorops robusta Warb

Mir Muhammad Nasir Uddin Shahriar Ahmed Mohammad Shah Hafez Kabir Mohammad Sofiqur Rahman Ramiz Ahmed SultanTalha Bin Emran   

Open Access   

Published:  Jan 31, 2017

DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2017.70114

Objectives: The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic potential of Daemonorops robusta Warb, a Bangladeshi tribal medicinal plant was studied for the first time. So our aim was to evaluate analgesic, anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic activities of fruit extract of D. robusta.

Methods: Fresh fruits of plant were extracted with methanol and then subjected to preliminary phytochemical screening. Analgesic activity of the extract was performed against acetic acid induced writhing, hot plate and formalin induced test. Anti-inflammatory effect was evaluated using carrageenan induced paw edema in mice. An In Vitro thrombolytic model was used to check the clot lysis potential of the extract.

Results: Phytochemical screening showed the presence of alkaloid, carbohydrate, flavonoids, steroid, phlobatanin and saponin. The extract exhibited significant analgesic effect (P<0.001) at dose-dependent manner. In addition, administration of glibenclamide, an ATP-sensitive K+ channel antagonist partly reversed antinociceptive activity shown by the plant extract. It is observed that the anti-nociceptive activity of plant extract involves the NO-cGMP pathway. Besides, the anti-inflammatory activity of plant extract was significant (P<0.001). In thrombolytic activity assay, a moderate percentage (%) of clot lysis was observed when compared to standard drug streptokinase.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that the fruits of D. robusta possess significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities. This plant also contains moderate thrombolytic potential.

Keyword:     Daemonorops robustaAnalgesic activityAnti-inflammatory activityThrombolytic activity.


Nasir Uddin MM, Ahmed S, Kabir MSH, Rahman MS, Emran TB. In vivo analgesic, anti-inflammatory potential in Swiss albino mice and In Vitrothrombolytic activity of hydroalcoholic fruits extract from Daemonorops robusta Warb. J App Pharm Sci, 2017; 7 (01): 104-113.

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