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Tanmoy Ghosh Amitava Ghosh   

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The immediate release conventional dosage form lack in the efficiency of controlling the proper plasma drug concentration. This results in the development of various controlled drug delivery system. Among which the Pulsatile drug delivery systems (PDDS)/ osmotic drug delivery system (ODDS) are gaining importance as these systems deliver the drug at specific time as per the path physiological need of the disease, resulting in improved patient therapeutic efficacy and compliance. They work on the principle of osmotic pressure for controlling the delivery of the drug. The release of the drug is independent of physiological factors of the GIT to a large extent. This review highlights’ the theoretical concept of drug delivery, history, types of oral osmotic drug delivery systems, factors affecting the drug delivery system, advantages and disadvantages of this delivery systems ,theoretical aspects, applications, marketed status and last but not the least the recent development.

Keyword:     Osmotic drug delivery system Osmotic pressure controlled formulation Pulsatile drug delivery systems and Sandwich osmotic system.

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