Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 7, September 2011

Anti-inflammatory activity of fractionated extracts of Salvia officinalis

Valeria Dal Pra Lais B. Bisol Suelen Detoni Marjorie Denti Jaine Grando Camila Pollo Tiago R. Pasquali Arno Ernesto Hoffmann Marcio A. Mazutti Sandra M. D. Macedo   

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This work is focused on the evaluation of the anti anti-inflammatory activity of fractionated extracts of Salvia officinalis in experimental model of peritonitis. The extract of Salvia officinalis was produced by maceration with ethanol and fractionated by increasing the polarity of the solvents from hexane to methanol in a thin layer chromatographic column with Silica Gel 60 as stationary phase. The acute induced-peritonitis assay was used as model of inflammation, were the fractionated extracts of S. officinalis were administered subcutaneously. After 4h of induction of inflammation the number of total circulating leukocytes was not increased in animals that received the methanol extract. After the induction of inflammation, all animals except those treated with the fraction of ethyl acetate and methanol showed an increased number of circulating neutrophils. The results obtained suggesting the occurrence of inhibition of the total leukocytes recruitment in the circulating blood after the induced-inflammatory process by ethyl acetate and methanolic extracts of S. officinalis in a single dose of 25 µ It was concluded that the extracts of S. officinalis could be used as anti-inflammatory agent.

Keyword:     Salvia officinalis anti-inflammatory fractionated extracts peritonitis.

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