Research Article | Volume: 5, Supplement: 3, November, 2015

Preparation, in vitro Characterization of Transdermal Patch Containing Atenolol and Hydrochlorothiazide: A Combinational Approach

Akelesh Thyagarajan J. Sam Johnson Udaya Chander C. Senthil Kumar Vidya Sreenivasan R. Venkata Narayanan   

Open Access   

Published:  Nov 12, 2015

DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2015.510.S6

Background: In the present days, the prevalence of hypertension is potentially increasing. To overcome the effects of this disease, a complex therapeutic regimen is often introduced, but the patient compliance is always questionable. Methodology: To improve patient compliance, a novel approach has to be implemented. Hence, the present study was designed to develop a transdermal patch containing Atenolol and hydrochlorothiazide in combination using blends of different polymeric combinations such as hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, sodium alginate, and polyethylene glycol. The patches were subjected to physicochemical tests and in-vitro drug release study. Results: Good results were obtained in all the evaluated parameters. The drug release of all formulation followed zero order kinetics. The medicated films also went through primary skin irritation test and the results showed that the films were non-irritant. Conclusion: The developed transdermal delivery system containing Atenolol & hydrochlorothiazide might be a milestone in the combinational therapy of hypertension.

Keyword:     Transdermal patches atenolol hydrochlorothiazide diuretic hypertension.


Thyagarajan A, Udaya Chander JSJ, Senthil Kumar C, Sreenivasan V, Venkata Narayanan R. Preparation, In-Vitro Characterization of Transdermal Patch Containing Atenolol and Hydrochlorothiazide: A Combinational Approach. J App Pharm Sci, 2015; 5 (Suppl 3): 033-039.

Copyright:The Author(s). This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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