Research Article | Volume : 1 Issue : 5, July 2011

Effect of Added Brine on Polymer-surfactant interaction

Jinu George Lisa Sreejith   

Open Access   


Effect of added brine on the structural transitions of SDS, in different compositions of gelatin has been investigated by viscosity, conductivity, circular dichroism, FTIR Spectroscopy, TGA and DSC. The slow and steady growth of the normal spherical micelles to the higher order aggregates were predicted by viscosity and conductivity measurements. The large negative value for ellipticity observed from CD measurements indicated absence of any conformational change for gelatin. Other measurements were used to study the molecular packing in the micellar aggregates. The complex formed exhibits fantastic properties to be explored in the field of smart gels.

Keyword:     Micellization Sphere-to-rod Surfactant-protein Interaction.

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